Ondedrive (groove.exe) crashes when syncing SharePoint (onPremises) Libraries

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Hi there,


we are currently using SharPoint 2013 onPremises with Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 2016.

Since upgrade (re-installing) from Office 2013 to Office 2016 groove (Version 16.0.4471.1000) crashes with EventID 1000 (generic?) in Module C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\KERNELBASE.dll when someone tries to sync a SharePoint TeamSite Library. Syncing the Mysite (OneDrive) is working fine.

I searched the web and this Community for that but no avail. Did i miss anything?


Is there any ressource you guys can suggest to point out the cause of this beahiour?


Thank you an advance

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Have you thought of installing the Next Gen Sync client to replace the groove.exe version? It does a much better job.

I don't think the next gen sync client can sync on-prem sharepoint yet, bascially its the only reason its not been fully retired yet.

Peter is right - groove.exe ist the only (known) way to sync onPrem SharePoint Libraries.

Are your OneDrive sites on-premises or are you in hybrid mode with those sites actually running in O365/SPOnline?

Hi Dean,


thanks for your reply.

The SharePoint Site resides on a onPremises SharePoint installation.

No Hybrid mode.