Ondedrive doesnt Work

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People cannot download shared files. The download button does not work. This is a serious problem, especially since onedrive is for file sharing.

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There is insufficient information in your post for anyone without access to your systems to diagnose.
Your first stop is your organisation's IT department that runs your Office 365 environment including OneDrive for Business.

You should also try the troubleshooter: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/fix-onedrive-sync-problems-0899b115-05f7-45ec-95b2-e4cc8c...
The issue was not that OneDrive is not working. The problem is that when sharing a link to a folder - the person who has the link sees the download button - but that button doesn't work. When pressed, nothing happens.
You are simply not giving us useful information about whst platform, browser, etc etc is involved. Contact your IT department

I am having the same issue right now. For whatever reason, our recipients cannot download whole folders or multiple files. They are only allowed to download an individual file. This is a big issue as many of the folders we share have multiple subfolders with multiple items in each of them. 

I am trying to share "anyone with link can view". We will send the link out to 80+ people and cannot restrict them to sign in, as many don't have accounts. Users who do have an account and are logged in are able to download. I have tried on firefox, edge, and chrome.


I really don't want to have to go back to Dropbox, but may need to if there isn't a good solution to this.

The issue you describe is clearly different to the one in the post. Don't piggy-back onto different issues.

Don't put your links in these public forum posts. You are inviting a world of hackers ...

Thanks for your reply. I have since removed the link based on your feedback.

As far as the Piggybacking, I may not be seeing the situation the same as you, because i'm far less experienced. I apologize for that. I wanted to give you more information as asked in previous replies because i assumed it was the same problem.

Can you explain why they are different issues? My problem is that our recipients are no longer able to download shared files, which is what @rafalkola stated in the original issue.



I have the same issue you described.  I have a thread going here that you could jump on: