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According to this: Previous thread


"X days of expiring" - ONLY works - or have influence, if the Tenants External Sharing settings - are configured to allow "Anyone"  - or? 

And the days doesn't influence the other ones e.g. "people inside the organisation/specific people" ?  


If this is the case - why not hide it in the UI unless the "Anyone" are selected? 

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This affects the link itself, regardless of internal or not. The expire date function itself is tied to that anyone with this link, link.

Once that date expires, the link no longer works or redirects.
So when the link doesn’t expire for internal users the error are?
The link expires for everyone, internal and external, the link itself basically gets removed when the expire date hits.
Ok - so its a fault and needs a support ticket when the link stil Works after 10 days and when its set to 3
So if you visit the link with in-private browser window does it prevent you from viewing? Or does that work as well?

It used to be that when internal people accessed the item they get added as users to the file directly so they can still access the content, so it might be by design that the link still works. but I'd have to go verify. The link itself should technically expire, but they could still access the actual content direct.

let me know about the in-private piece.

Hi @Taen keren,


Christopher is correct. The setting only applies to links that work for anyone and the link should no longer grant permission after it has expired. We do add internal users who use the link directly to the document as well so you'll want to try an in-private browser, remove the user from the item via manage permissions or try a user who hasn't previously clicked on the link. If you run into more issues, please let me know!


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