OD4B and iPhone missing files

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Having issues with Iphone users and OD4B, some report the app requests sign in on each startup, and once logged in all the files are "gone"(not in recycle bin either). Using the sharepoint app waffle for onedrive works just fine and the files are folders are just where they should be.


Users are also reporting a blank white screen at OD4B startup on Iphones as well with a warning to connect to a network? There is no network connection issue for everything else on that phone.


Is there a thread in here somewhere that can help us?

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Have you tried to uninstall the app, cold restart the iPhone and reinstall the app?

just tried your suggestions.

problem with missing files (that aren't) remains

Sorry that it didn't help...

You could also try to reset the account in Settings->One Drive, but be aware that it will reset the accounts in all MS apps and you will need to enter again the credentials!

One user reports that a OD4B update was pushed to his iPhone last night.

problem resolved, go figure.