Not seeing any folders or files in iOS app, only 'Libraries'

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Help! My company is piloting Office 365 (minus exchange for now). We had commercial license but just switched to GCC (Govt) account and migrated our domain a couple of days ago. 


Now, when users log back into OneDrive for Business on their iPhone or iPad, none of their files are displayed. Actually the only section displayed at all is 'Libraries' with no option to switch to files view. However OneDrive works fine for the same users on the web or on the desktop app, all files are there and they can interact with them as normal.


What am I missing? Is there some global setting that is preventing the file functionality from working on mobile devices?

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As a quick followup, I got it figured out. Users needed to go to OneDrive on the web and create a temporary file or folder. Then once they signed out and back into the OneDrive app on their iPad, all their files magically appeared and they were good to go.

@Geminix - I hope you will still see this as I have just joined one drive for business and I am having exactly the same issue as you have mentioned and I have spent the last 4 hours getting no where.  I followed your instructions but I still can't get anything ot show up on my business personal profile is fine.  I'm so disheartened, pay for a product that isn't working

Same things here. I you find a solution please le me know.

@GeminixI am having the exact same issue, the fix you mentioned did not fix it for me. Has someone figured this one out? No one seems to know.

Same here. We can see the files in the Shared Shortcut on the Web and the files sync just fine in macOS.

However, in the iOS App, the “shared” tab shows absolutely nothing.