New sharing experience in ODFB and e-mail is not being sent


As many of you already know, we have a new sharing experience in both ODFB and SPO services, but with this new experience there is also another change I'm not sure is right: cc e-mail to the person tha has shared a file/folder is not being sent this correct? cc @Stephen Rice @Stephen Rose

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All as usual here...

The email is regularly sent.

I mean the CC one...I'm not referring to the e-mail sent to the user(s) you are sharing with that of course it's being sent

Of course. I have understood perfectly. ;)

I can confirm that in my tenants the cc email is regularly sent...

(With the new sharing experience, I mean.)

Strange, I'm seeing the no CC in at least two tenants
Hi all,

You're actually both correct. The new sharing experience, which is rolled out to all first release tenants​ does not change the CC behavior. However, there is another change that is currently rolling out (not yet in all first release tenants) that updates our sharing mails to something a little more modern looking. Those mails no longer get CC'd to the sender.

Going forward, our plan is to send mails from the users exchange mailbox so it will show up in the "sent" folder. This isn't actually new but is a return to our old sharing mail behavior.

Hope that helps!

Stephen Rice
OneDrive Program Manager II
Thanks Stephen,
So I was not mistaken :-)... @salvatore you have to trust me more :p

@Juan Carlos González Martín, it's not possible to trust in someone more than I already do with you! :-))