Need Collaboration Solution for PDF in OneDrive for Business

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Need to be able to open PDF and mark it up in a collaborative Mac and PC environment. Not finding any way to do this. Not seeing any markup tools in IOS on iMac desktop. 




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@MaryHACCO  Suggest opening in or exporting to Word or OneNote for the markup. Depends on what you mean by collaboratively ( simultaneously?) or markup (comments, text boxes, ink ?). You may need to re-export doc to PDF when mark-up is done. PDF was designed as a publishing format, not an editing format, so YMMV from platform to platform.


Stack Overflow has a thread:





@Mike Williams Thank you, Mike. Yes, I meant simultaneously.


Though it is a publishing format, we use Adobe Acrobat for the proofing process. It allows for the markups and approvals we need. These have not been completed simultaneously in the past, but we now have a need for this. 


Adobe Creative Cloud is likely the best solution; however, not all of us have subscriptions and many may only need it for this project. That's why we wanted to find something within our current tools. Fortunately, we did find a way to knock this project out through Excel and OneDrive. 




If all you need is been able to annotate and comment PDF you can use the free Adobe Cloud integration without leaving the browser.


With this integration your file remain in OneDrive|SPO and you don't need Acrobat Cloud license until you want to use the advanced feature such has merge,split and create PDF.


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simultaneously.. well one great option will be importing this file in a new Microsoft Whiteboard board and start collaborating. But yes you then have a separate copy but it can be usefull too.