My Shared Documents View?

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Shared with me is great view, but there should be a "My Shared" view so a user can go to one place to see all their documents shared so they can unshare and update sharing easily. Just a thought, It should be fairly easy to do and could provide some good value. 

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I think it's a great idea :-)...have you checked if the idea is already at OneDrive's user voice?

I don't recall seeing one but i guess i can check again. 

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As you pointed out, today we have a "Shared With Me" view and it sounds like you're looking for something that we might theoretically call a "Shared By Me" view... ;) 


It's in the works but we don't have any timelines at the moment so stay tuned. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II



Nice good to know, exactly what I was sayin :P. 

Has the shared by me view been added? @Stephen Rice 

@tunderwood29  it has been there for a bit, but it's not in your face obvious. It's here next to Shared with my in the web OneDrive. 


it is not in One Drive for Business, at least for our tenant.@Chris Webb 

It should be (and I'm in OneDrive for Business as well)... Unless you are on GCC tenant or something. I'm pretty sure this should be on standard release tenants by now too.... I'm on first release but this has been out quite awhile now.

We are using Office 365 Business Premium, where would I enable this?@Chris Webb 

To my knowledge they should be the same, but going to defere to Stephen in this case since I don't have access to Business Premium tenant. Can you send a screenshot of your OneDrive for Business homepage / left nave and Shared Tab Screens?

see attachment@Chris Webb 

That is the classic UI version of OneDrive. Are you using a URL to get to this? Or are you going to and clicking onedrive app to get to your OneDrive? I don't think classic view can be forced, but this is def. the issue.

From that view if you click "OneDrive" title next to the waffle menu at the top, it should reset into the modern UI. Try that it should change the menu to show "Shared" if not, then something is keeping you in the old UI.

I am clicking the One Drive next to the waffle menu and nothing is happening. @Chris Webb 

what is your URL? You can redact some if you need too.

just got off the phone with MS tech support and I need to enable new UI in SharePoint admin. @Chris Webb 

Yeah, I knew it was an experience issue, I just wasn't aware it was still configurable. Anyway, found the setting in the classic admin settings page here:

replace tenant- with your tenant name from your SharePoint URL. Then you'll see the OneDrive Experience setting right at the top. Keep in mind this will change for everyone thou, so make sure it's not set that way for a reason as it's an all or nothing setting. It's a better experience IMO, but not sure if you have something using the old UI for whatever reason.

Thanks Chris worked great I had forgotten about that page, and it will be for all. I think that I did not change it due to us just starting with One Drive@Chris Webb 

Well, by changing that you guys should like OneDrive much more, it's a much better experience :).