Moving files on OneDrive for Business

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I am an IT Consultant for a small business that uses OneDrive for Business. To access OneDrive on their Macs, they use Chrome on the web. Almost all of the employees have trouble moving documents to other folders via drag and drop. They are forced to use "Move To" which is time consuming for them, considering the depth of their company folder structure. On my computer, I have no issue dragging these files to different folders, and I am also on a Mac using Chrome. Using the support process from the admin panel is difficult because someone else is the admin, which means Microsoft can't verify who I am, but I need to find a solution for them. I also don't have easy access to their computers, making live troubleshooting less of an option, so I am looking for some tips or pointers on how to resolve the drag and drop issue. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Just thought but why aren't you using OneDrive Sync for Mac? That way its all within their file system, see link below



I am hesitant to use the Sync app on their computers because they are ultimately trying to move to a mobile platform, and I want them to get used to the OneDrive environment, rather than make it look exactly as it did previous in the Finder on their Mac. If they confuse what's OneDrive and what's local (since the sync app makes it look exactly the same in either case), then the mobile transition will be more difficult. They are very un-tech-savvy, so I want it to operate as obviously different as their native file system as possible.