Migrating to One Drive for business

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At the moment we have some traditional "department drives" stored on a on premise SAN - we'd like to start moving these over to Onedrive - any guides or anyone done it before? 


How do we create these folders in Onedrive for everyone to see etc?

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Hi Steve,

Would recommend using Microsoft's own SharePoint Migration Tool. All documentation for it is here:

Per article -

The SharePoint Migration Tool lets you migrate lists or files from your SharePoint on-premises document libraries or from your on-premises file shares and easily move them to either SharePoint or OneDrive in Office 365. It is available to Office 365 users.

Best, Chris
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If you are talking about deparment drives, you should first think if you have to move them to ODFB or to SPO...I would say SPO, but of course this decision also depends on the amount of information you have to regards of tools, Chris' advice is very worth: use the SharePoint Migration Tool



Yes ODFB is where we would like to move it to.