Migrate Folder Redirection via OneDrive KFM creates duplicates

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Hi All,


Struggling to see where/why this is going wrong given the simplicity of the MS guide. In brief we have a number of RDS environments using FSLogix and GPO's for Folder Redirection. We're looking to migrate user data to OneDrive and are following the below -


  1. Use Migration Manager to copy contents in the network file share location to a user's OneDrive, making sure that all contents go into the existing Documents, Pictures, or Desktop folders.
  2. Disable the Window Folder Redirection Group Policy and make sure to leave the folder and contents on the network file share.
  3. Enable KFM Group Policy. Known folders move to OneDrive and will merge with the existing Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders, which contain all the file share content that you moved in the first step.

The migration element works fine (i.e. turning off the Folder Redirects and enabling OneDrive KFM shifts over perfectly).


What doesn't work well - so AT ALL - is OneDrive attempting to merge the data uploaded via the SharePoint migration tool. It creates duplicates of the data so as soon as a user logs in, the OneDrive client attempts to re-upload the data in the Folder Redirection path meaning every file ends up as 'filename - Copy'.


Is this an MS issue as I can't see any other reason for it outside of them changing how OneDrive was supposed to handle file merge/assessments?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @TechOtaku, did you finally resolve the issue, or is it still lingering?
Please share the solution with us here.
It is still an issue. I just have the problem after migrating a company. The documentation is not directing in any way to that problem. Currently there is no solution in my opinion. We try to write a script that cleans up the mess afterwards.