Marking folder as "Always available on this device"


I have folders where I want all content to be always available, including new content. That is what I would expect when I mark an entire folder "Always keep on this device". But what actually happens is many items are marked as "available" but not "always keep". Mostly these are newly added items. 


What is even more infuriating is that folders containing mixed items, (both "available" and "always keep") - even if it is just one item marked as "available" only - the whole folder is marked "available" (not "always keep") BUT there is a checkmark in the context menu next to "always keep". So, if I want all items in that folder to be marked always "always keep" I need to deselect the checkmark first making all items available only on Onedrive then select it again in order to make all items "always keep". In a large folder this can take quite some time. Very frustrating.


And then a few days later there will be some new items in the folder marked as "available" only.


Confused? Me too.


So my question is - how do I make it that ALL items in a folder marked "always keep" REMAIN "always keep" including new items?

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I have the exact same issue.
I naturally assume that if I select a folder to be available on my device, then *new* files in this folder should also be automatically available.
The current approach, where only the current files gets this attribute but not new ones, is just wrong.
I consider it a bug.
Microsoft, please fix!

PS: Also fix what dv8info says about the context menu. It is annoying to have to de-select everything just to add the attribute to everything again.