Marketing Department Data Transfers

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Our Marketing departments occasionnaly have 3rd party photographers with the need of uploading from 1 to 5 TB of raw photos and videos. Have been using FTP for this up to now, but that solution is getting pretty ancient.


Dropbox for Business Teams Folder Manager seems like a possible way to go, but since we are already using Teams, Onedrive and Sharepoint Online i was hoping to find a solution for "Team Storage" within the Microsoft Portfolio. 

Any suggestions?



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OneDrive For Business is for sure an option since you can store more than 5 TB depending on your Office 365 subscription. However, SharePoint Online is only an option if you have enough storage quota in your tenant to store 5 TB

@Juan Carlos González Martín Storage capacities is not a problem. That can be bought if needed. I was thinking about the "team folder feature" where the owner of a folder/share isn't a single persons account.