Map One Drive For Business on Windows 7

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Guys, how do I map One Drive for Business as a network drive in Windows 7?

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The OneDrive Sync Client works off of a Local File model meaning that files are copied from the master repository to the local workstation and then sync'd bidirectionally. Therefore the network drive concept really doesn't apply here. Once the sync client is operational, files will be accessed locally through File Explorer or through their respective app. Files are local and consume space on the local drive. A network mapping implies that one is communicating directly with the server copy. You can set up network maps using WebDAV, but that can get wonky and it doesn't involve the sync client at all.

Here is a Getting Started doc on the NextGen client.

Agree with Andy, you should avoid using Mapped drives unless you have a really really specific need for them. But just for completeness, here's the KB article on how to configure and troubleshoot them:


You will run into issues if you use them, that's pretty much guaranteed. But if you insist, there are also some tools that can help you keep the sessions active, autoconfigure them for your users and so on. Do a search on the internet and you will find examples of such tools, both free and paid.

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I will run some tests with WebDAv because the One Drive client does not meet the needs of the project. I'll read the post informed and put the results

As Vasil said, the plain-vanilla mapping described in the support article will give you all sort of problems...

If you insist on using mapped drive, you should rather investigate products like ZeeDrive ( which is known for working well.

Syncing is the way to go but if you are going to map drives, check out OneDriveMapper, though it might be overkill, it's a free script for mapping drives to OneDrive for Business (or SharePoint sites).  I haven't used it myself but I have heard good things about it -


OneDriveMapper automatically map your OneDrive for Business upon login


I would recommend spending some more time with the project team to get a very good understanding of their current business processes and what they would like to do in a perfect world. There are frequently many ways to fulfill "requirements" and just because they have used a mapped drive in the past, does not necessarily mean that will be the best solution in today's mobile world.



Thank you guys for your informations! At the moment I tested the simple connectivity between Windows 7 and One Drive for Business for know how is functionality.


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It is easy to see why a mapped network drive is still necessary.  Limited space on my local drive for syncing, therefore, a need to map to sharepoint O365 sites is needed.  Is this still possible?

@Cian Allner Thank you for the link to OneDriveMapper. This link led me to a commercial version, IAM Cloud, that provides support and network drive mapping without having to sync and I can still use my local Office 2013 without having to upgrade and all with the familiar File Explorer interface.


I just installed in and I have now mapped to my corporate onedrive account.


Thank you again -- El-Noor