Mandatory time-out for externally shared files?

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Is it possible, on a tenant level, to specify a mandatory time-out value, e.g. 30 days, after which externally shared files will no longer be available to external users?

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Hi @Jakob Rohde

Yes, see here

Log into SharePoint Admin Centre > Policies > File and Folder Links > Choose permissions and expiration options for Anyone links > These Links must Expire within these many days

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Thanks, @Christopher Hoard 


In the SharePoint Admin Center, under Policies, I only have "Sharing" and "Access Control", "File and Folder Links". Is that feature covered by a specific license?

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@Jakob Rohde


AFAIK, it doesn't require any specific licence. 


I attach a screenshot of the SharePoint Admin Centre - it's the new not the classic in a demo tenant in GA. Logged in via




An alternative way is to do it via the OneDrive Admin Centre under sharing and advanced settings. Again, screenshot attached.




Hope that helps!


Best, Chris

Ok, thanks again.

We currently have set External Sharing to "Only people in your organization". I guess that's why we don't see the section called "Choose permissions and expiration options for anyone links".
Hmm a bit odd - I tested this tonight and setting it to "Only people in your organization" doesn't hide it even after it has been saved and logging back in. I also tested SharePoint Admin Vs Global Admin with no difference. I would maybe raise a ticket on that one if you can't see it at all.

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Hi @Christopher Hoard


I figured it out: if the External Sharing setting for SharePoint is set to Anyone (most permissive), the expiration section shows up.




Haha awesome work nice one. I was getting stressed about it :D Glad it’s worked out for you :white_heavy_check_mark:

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Hi all,

Just wanted to pop in here and note that the expiration value you are looking at only applies to links that work for Anyone. If you share via a specific people link though, the external user's access will not expire. We do have another feature coming soon called expiring external access which will help cover all of these types of scenarios :) Thanks!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

Thanks @Stephen Rice - that's great to know, expiring external access sounds awesome can't wait to try it out

Best, Chris

Hi @Stephen Rice,


allow me to follow up here. Are there any news about this new feature? Expected Preview, GA?


We are trying to introduce 'ad-hoc' external sharing on OneDrive to prevent our users from using public services (like WeTransfer). Won't be using Anonymous links for security reasons so the ability to expire shared content for specific people sharing is a must for us.



Hi @Marek Halfar,


Feature should start rollout this quarter but if you are interested, shoot me a PM and we can enable the private preview for your organization. Thanks!

Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

Hi @Stephen Rice


I am still not able to do this (specify a timeout for documents shared with specific people). Has the feature been released and, if so, where do I find it? 


Jakob Rohde

Hi @Jakob Rohde,


The expiring external access feature has not been rolled out yet. There is an updated Message Center post with the latest timelines & updates. Thanks!

Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive