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OneDrive Team, Thanks for all the work you have done to modernize the Desktop Sync experience on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. With that said, there are still some very "legacy" functions within the app experience. Lately, our clients have come to depend on OneDrive for Business as KFM is auto enabled and enforced for all devices via Endpoint Manager (MEM). Are there plans to modernize the end-user storage management experience for OneDrive for Business? Many users have mentioned the current experience is confusing and "looks outdated - like an old server". 


I am attaching a couple of screenshots to help illustrate. The screenshots were taken on an endpoint joined to MEM with Microsoft 365 Business Premium licensing and OneDrive KFM enabled by default/autopilot. The Windows OS version is Windows 11 v22H2 (Release Preview). 

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There is no evidence that anyone from Microsoft reads these user forums. You are best to post questions like these on product blogs.
@Mike you can ":thumbs_up: Like it" so it trends (if you empathize) :sparkling_heart:

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