MacOS OneDrive Update wipes out Configuration

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Every time OneDrive for MacOS is updated the settings get wiped out and OneDrive prompts you to "select a folder".  The problem is we have two types of Synchs - 1. a "work / personal one drive - which is our AD username" AND 2. SharePoint folders synched from a cloud drive. 


When OneDrive gets reset after an update it thinks all of the folders on the local drive should be synced to our "work / personal one drive - which is our AD username".  It then tries to synch 100's of files and folders that should be Synched to Sharepoint to our Personal Work One Drive.   It does not understand the folders that are synched with the SharePoint drive.  This problem is a mess and happens every time major release is published for OneDrive for MacOS.  I tried to find MacOS One Drive support and the Virtual Assistant was clueless and the "email" support link did not work.


Where am I supposed to go for support for MacOS OneDrive - this problem has been occurring for almost 2 years now and I am over it.  There must be a way to restore - or reuse the config.  Once its setup properly it works fine until the next update - I live in fear of the next update!!!


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