Lost whole data from onedrive.live.com

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I had uploaded my laptop data to my one drive account on 9th April 2022.

I had to return my old laptop so i though to store word ,excel and some more documents on one drive.

i uploaded data successfully on one drive.

but yesterday(8th May) when I opened my one drive account again in my new laptop, whole data was lost.

account was looking like a new account. There was not even a single data.

Even I didn't receive any email about deletion of data.


Please help me .How can I retrieve data  again.

those were my effort of many years .

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How did you upload the files?


Did you verify that the files were available in OneDrive by checking the web view?


What do you see in the web view now? Is there anything in the Recycle Bin?


@MikeWWW  i was uploading it online using chrome.

I closed site multiple times and opened it again multiple times.

It had older data also present on the one drive when i opened it on 9th april.

But now that older data is also lost.


Now web view is as if I created a new account on one drive.

nothing is in RecycleBin and not in vault too.

Contact Microsoft support.