Local transfer for OneDrive files

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I am unsure if this exists or if it is on a roadmap somewhere but we are very interested in it.  There are two scenarios where it would be helpful. 


1. I have 2 computers one for testing and one for production but I sync onedrive to both.  It would be great if when I save a new file that I have selected to always be available offline it would sync those bits across the LAN instead of the WAN.

2. We have teams/sharepoint sites that get synced across the whole company and when a large file changes we can see a spike in WAN utilization.  It would be great if that was LAN also.


In my mind this would function in the same way as windows 10 updates where I can choose "Delivery Optimization".

if this was available I would visit the Network tab in OneDrive and it says "If available allow OneDrive for business sync from other Pcs on your local network"

Slider for On/off

It would not need a hybrid option because we are already downloading from the internet. 





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I did find this on Uservoice but it has not had any official updates from Microsoft for a while.  



Huge difference between syncing something that has a static manifest vs. something that can change per user / per device basis. I don't see this ever happening to be honest. It would be nice, but the way cloud works and the undertaking it would take to make something like this happen for the use case would be very large.

The whole files on demand, is geared towards alleviating this. If you need local LAN onedrive sync, you always have On-prem option of SharePoint 2019 which includes OneDrive with the new sync client etc.