Known Folder Move, error code 0x80070005

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I am facing an issue when trying to use "KFM".
My files will be migrated to OneDrive for Business but the folder redirection stucks.


I am using OneDrive client version 18.131.0701.0007

anybody facing the same problem or having a solution?


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I have the same problem. (Same OneDrive build. Windows 10 1803 build 17134.228) So far I've tracked it down to the user having a folder redirection policy applied through Group Policy.


To simplify it I'm starting only with the Desktop folder. My user account had a folder redirection GPO enabled, with the settings "Basic: Redirect everyone's folder to the same location" and the target folder set to "Redirect to the local userprofile location" - With that set, I get the 0x80070005 error trying to Start Protection with KFM.


If I set that GPO to "Not configured", then I can enable protection okay.


My problem is I can't set that just to Not Configured, since those users have previously had an old policy that redirected Desktop to H:\Desktop. So if I just don't configure it at all, the folder will stay on H and KFM complains that it's on a different volume so can't move it.


All I can think of is to enable a temporary GPO for a few days to change the redirection back to C:\, then remove that one and set it back to Not Configured. Obviously not the ideal solution.

Hi all,


Thanks for reporting this. The team is aware of the issue and is investigating. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II



does anybody have some news about this issue?


I have the same one. Desktop is synced, but other folders are failing on 0x80070005 Unknown error. My folder redirection registry are set to default.



I dont have any solution yet. Same situation here. Folder redirection wasnt ever enabled on my machine. The registry show the Microsoft default.

Same issue as you here. Our students have documents , photos and desktop folders redirected as well as others. I have change GPO to not redirect these folders but still get the same error as being reported here.  Being a school all our students roam, so we want OneDrive redirection of Documents to be set up automatically every time they log in to a PC for the first time.



I had this and the issue was I had "Prohibit user from manually redirecting profile folders" set to ENABLED in Group Policy. 


This can be found in Group Policy under User Config > Policies > Admin Templates > Desktop.


As soon as I switched it to NOT CONFIGURED Known Folder Move was able to sync the folders.


Hope that helps.


Brilliant - thank you @Michelle Adams - your post fixed it for me. We also prevent students redirecting the well-known folders using the GPO you referenced. So glad you posted as I suspect I may have lost hours of my life to this!  I hope you didn't.


Hi Kyle,


Folder Redirection is a pain. If you have it set up (e.g. to redirect to OneDrive) and then change the Group Policy to just NOT CONFIGURED, it could leave the folder redirection to OneDrive in place, which will prevent KFM from working. All depends how you set folder redirection up.


You may need to set folder redirection back to the local drive first, give it long enough for all your devices to pick that up, then turn off folder redirection. Or, if your folder redirection is in a separate policy, you can set it to "Redirect the folder back to the local userprofile location when policy is removed", give your devices enough time to pick that up, and then remove the policy. Devices will then revert back to local drives and cancel the folder redirection. This is what we did to resolve our conflict between KFM and FR.


Hope that helps.

Hey Jonathan, thank you, glad to have helped. Troubleshooting it took a little while, but once I narrowed it down to GP it was just a case of testing the obvious settings. That particular GP setting is not mentioned in any of the (limited) online KFM documentation I have read, but when I think about it, it's a pretty obvious one - as long as you know it exists! Michelle

We have tried the "Redirect the folder back to the local userprofile location when policy is removed" setting, verified the GPO has been applied but once we switch the user to an OU that has no Folder Redirection settings it keeps the files in the local Offline Folder directory and not in the C:\Users\<username>\<folder name>.

Sadly changing "Prohibit users from manually changing the path..." did not correct the error


User has redirect Folders GPO applied, machine (with loopback) GPO reverts it all back to local drive for user in that machine OU

So in the end it is like no folder redirection happened (confirming by checking HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders )


Anybody has any better ideas?



Ofcourse it all works fine if NO folder redirection ever happened! (but that is not the point!)

So basically have a setup in that way

- device that is not to use FR has a marker folder in c:\windows & there is top level GPO created with GPP 2 variables based on this folder existence

- FR GPO runs ONLY if the variable is 0 (so it does NOT run on this device!)

- device that is to get rid of FR is in its own lowest level OU

- in that lowest level OU there is machine (with loopback) GPO that reverts it all back to local drive for user

- user logs in once, FR gets reset to nothing

- above GPO is then unliked/deleted from this OU

- after reboot user logs in & OD KFM works a treat!

Hi @Sebastian cerazy


We are experiencing the same issue.
I have changed FR policy to 'redirect to the local path' first and then 'Not configured'.

Unfortunately, OneDrive still not redirects the folders.


Could you please explain how you reset FR to nothing?


Thank you.

We did that same thing and it works about half the time.  Once we get to that last reboot it seems like we need to do a bunch of reboots and then it works.

If you try to keep existing profile, then you will need few reboots:

- first with marker applied

- second with FR redirected back to local

- third after above FR to local is unlinked

- make it forth for good measure

- install OD & it should work then

Thanks a million!

i don't have group policies I'm on windows 10:home 64-bit, how can i do what your suggesting without group policies, plz help me @Michelle Adams