Known Folder Move and OneNote

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We are doing preparations to roll out known folder move in our organisation and would like to know what would be the best way to move users OneNote folders from Documents folder to OneDrive - otherwise known folder move won't work. Is it possible to move OneNote Notebooks to OneDrive in the background somehow?

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If users have OneNote notebooks in their known folders, the known folders won't be moved.


You need to move the OneNote to OneDrive prior to doing the KFM! Afaik there's no programmatic way of doing this easily!


Also be aware:


Important: If you are moving a local notebook to OneDrive as part of a OneDrive Known Folder Move, be sure to remove the original copy from the Desktop, Pictures, or Documents folder to finish the Known Folder Move protection process after the notebook is successfully moved to OneDrive. 


Read more here about KFM:



@Piret_Sp We announced some upcoming improvements for handling OneNote files with KFM at the SharePoint conference.  These should be rolling out in the next month. 

@Randy Wong Thanks, it's great to hear this feature is coming!

For those, who are also looking for this information, here are some links regarding that:


@Randy Wong Just to be sure, the improvement you mention is this one, right? It's said that it will be rolled out 2020 Q1