Issues with Onedrive photos via website

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Hello I have noticed a lot of changes lately that have impacted how I use Onedrive with regards to photos on the web portal. Don't know if this is on purpose or an issue that needs fixing?


1. If I create a new folder and upload photos to it, many times the photo thumbnails are broken. Sometimes deleting and reuploading fixes this but often it doesn't. When clicking a photo with a broken thumbnail it offers to download to my computer instead of opening on screen.


2. there used to be an option when selecting "Photo" view "Add as cover". I only see this now for older folders I've created not my newer folders.


3. On older folders with photos I've created I can click a single photo and choose 'Add to album', this option is now only available as applying to an entire folder, this is definitely not desired as I like to split up folders into multiple albums depending on the audience.


4. When clicking a single photo and choosing the i button for information I used to be able to see the embedded keywords or tags embedded in the photo metadata. This no longer appears. 

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