Is there a daily limit on how many bytes students can download

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I want to give my students access to a 4GB ISO file.  I've been told that there might be a limit on the total number of bytes that can be downloaded by all members of my class.  I have a class of 20, so this would be potentially 80 GB in one day. Will this work?

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@kapplequist The only download limits are those supplied by your internet/network supplier.

However you may wish to think about other issues when giving students access to an ISO file - this seems to be a terrifically inefficient mechanism to share that disk's contents.

@Mike Williams  Thanks, Mike. Yeah, I understand what you're saying.  The problem is that the instructions I was given to give the students have me download a CentOS ISO file from the CentOS web site.  The DL failed twice, before finally running for 10 hours. I thought I might have an Internet connection problem, but I checked my DL speed with two different sites and I'm getting my usual 120 Mbs. I thought there might be a problem with the CentOS server that I was given, but I tried three times over two days with the same problem.

The assignment is supposed to be made available to students tonight at midnight.  So,this is me scrambling to put something reasonable together for them with very short notice. I appreciate your quick feedback.




IF the ISO file is correct, them something is wrong with your Internet Access...are you connected through the wire or WiFi? If downloading from ODFB is not working, you might consider other options such as WebTransfer

@kapplequist Try using a web downloader like JDownloader2 which can support flakey connections better than a standard browser: