Is it possible to create multiple onedrivesite using one Emal Address?

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I generated a list of existing OneDrive User list with their UPN and displayname, but some of the user have 10-20 different OneDrive url, but UPN name is same?


Is this possible? And I a not sure what is the purpose for creating multiple site for one user.



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Depends what the scripts look for! You’ll get onedrive per account with license but maybe the script gets all sites where any user has access? You can set a secondary owner on any onedrive site! Also if manager is set, this person will be granted ownership if a user has quit for example!
Otherwise I don’t know
If you have had UPN changes at some point, it could be a possible explanation to apparently have more than ODFB per user...indeed is not in that way, every user can have only a ODFB