Is it possible to back up a Windows 10 phone (and photos) to OneDrive for Business


Is it possible to back up a Windows 10 phone (and photos) to OneDrive for Business?


I know this can obviously be done with a standard personal account. And I know I can connect a OneDrive for Business account to Windows Phone 10.


But I was wondering if it was possible to set a Windows Phone 10 to backup itself to OneDrive for Business. In addition to back up its photos to OneDrive for Business like you can do with OneDrive. I am thinking not, as it appears Windows Phone is designed to look for a Windows Live account for this purpose. But just checking.

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Afaik no. Maybe this year? :) Happy new year! :)

I figured that might be the case. Would be nice to have my camera roll backup to the 1TB OneDrive for Business storage. The woes of a Windows Phone user. ;)

Slightly off topic but I recently gave the Groove music streaming service a trial and it automatically adds 100GB to your personal OneDrive storage to use for anything you like.

That's interesting. I actually have the Groove paid subscription and I never got that. This page seems to confirm that.


I'll need to find out how to get it.


Thanks Craig.

God, I wish this would work finally. 

My users have been asking me this a lot and it would really help with low storage phones.

This is a top 3 feature for this year on my wishlist. I'd appreciate that.

Additional wish: let admins manage all backups (e.g. delete backups >12 month, notify users, ...).

Had to call support to get the 100GB for my Groove Music Pass. Not sure why I didn't get it automatically.