Installing OneDrive for Biz

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This is very basic but critical. Each time I install Office 365 all goes well and fairly simple except OneDrive for Biz. I find myself going in circles from one helpdesk to another and from one instruction to another. I have chased it three different days and still only have Onedrive Personal installed. Can anyone help me activate the Business App?

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OneDrive is the OneDrive personal AND OneDrive for Business app in one. If you go add an account based on your sign in, will determine if it's personal or Business.

As has been said, you just sign in with the appropriate account, if it's a work (or school) account it will be recognized automatically as a OneDrive for Business, otherwise with a Microsoft account, it will be OneDrive - personal.   


This is done from the same place, from the OneDrive program built-in to Windows 10 and available for download separately, for example, or the mobile apps etc.


Here is what it looks like from Windows 10


OneDrive Sign-in.png


Both OneDrive for Business and OneDrive personal were added from the above option in this example:




You also get the two system tray cloud icons, a blue one for OneDrive for Business and a White one for OneDrive personal.  Both of these were added from the same default OneDrive program.


These articles will be of interest if you are after more information -


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What if user also has Microsoft account with work email? I think I will be prompted a selection to choose between work or personal.

BTW, Microsoft does not allow anymore MSA having the same address as work (i.e. commercial O365) email, exactly because it could create problems.

So, if you can, decouple the two kinds of account: it is easy to change the primary email address of an MSA. See

I stumbled across that solution while trying to understand why MS was now confusing Personal with Business. I just added the business credentials, as o said. Thak you for confirming why it worked.