In need of Photos part

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Dear Microsoft,


I do not understand that there is still no good photo storage (such as in OneDrive Personal) in the Business section. I think just like me, a lot of your customers are waiting for this functionality.


Myself and probably many others with me are quite fed up with having different cloud solutions while you should be offering a total solution.


When asked for a solution, we never get a good explanation for why it is not there, but we get half-baked solutions (sharepoint ... right) that do not work as we would like.


So I want to ask you, come up with a real explanation and work on a solution that benefits us as customers ... you come up with business value together with the customer.


Call, email, ping me, or if that doesn't work send me a fax, I dont care. But ask me and all customers what they want!


And for photos that is not sharepoint.


Thank you

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