How to specify specific folder for shared onedrive sync

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I have my shared drive synced up in c:\ on my laptop. so it pts all the files in folder

"C:\OneDrive -". This is perfect.


Another user has shared folder xyz with me. When i sync that the folder "xyz" isn't sync under "C:\OneDrive -". It's gets sync under "C:\" as  "C:\\user2 xyz". i.e. it's in a separate folder. How do do I specify that sync folders should get created as "c:\OneDrive -\xyz".


Note - I have a powerquery program which is configured to pickup the files from "c:\OneDrive -\xyz" so that it will execute consistantly on xyz folder owners machine and also on other user's machine with whom xyz folder is shared.



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Hi @Pravinptpldemo,


Have you tried adding the directory that's been shared with you as a shortcut? 


BY going to your OneDrive in a browser > Shared > Shared with you.  You should be able to click 'Add shortcut to my files' and this will then sync as if it's in your OneDrive.