How to retrieve data from one disabled account?

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I am desperately asking for help. My school account has been disabled and I cannot access the data. Some data is really important to me. I already asked IT help in the university, they said it has been disabled as part of the business practices, once disabled it is no longer available.
What should I do now?
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If your account is disabled doesn’t mean your data is gone! Disabling an account just mean you can’t login and if your license is still applied data will retain. If they removed your license or deleted your account you normally have 30 days where an admin can access your onedrive. After 30 days, your files will stay in the recycle bin for 93 days. If they haven’t intentionally hard deleted your OneDrive files they should be recoverable depending on timeframe

@Maithanh30 This is a legal issue, not a technical one. It is normal for organisations, including universities to disable access to data repositories on their systems once employment or studies are terminated. If you have not retrieved data before your account was disabled then you will have to either appeal to the university governance or make legal representations. This is not a decision for IT helpdesk to make.