How to Prevent OneDrive Auto-Updates

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We want tight version control at our organization but it appears there or no setting to disable OneDrive updates completely....even in the deferred ring it appears you can only be 60 days behind before the auto-update is triggered: "(If you don't deploy an update after 60 days, it will be automatically downloaded and installed.)"

It appears that blocking at the proxy may work. But the general description is that "" and ""...are also used to enable and disable features and apply bug fixes". I see that is used for URL redirection so wanting to stay clear of that.  But wondering if anything outside of OneDrive client update will be blocked if I have blocked?  Anyone know?  Anyone know what features specifically are being referred to when the article says "also used to enable and disable features"?


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Didn't try it myself yet but maybe this will do the trick:


To prevent the OneDrive Sync application from updating automatically, complete the following tasks:


Disable the “OneDrive Updater Service” in the Services control panel
Disable the “OneDrive Per-Machine Standalone Update Task” in Scheduled Tasks

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