How to limit download content size from ODB Site while Syncing?

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We want to limit download content size from ODB Site while Syncing to their local machine.


Is there any setting available achieve this for all the users or limited set of users?




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What about using Files OnDemand and some training?
No , sorry! It will sync all the content as long as there are storage space on the local drive!

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Also, what Juan said makes a lot of sense! That’s why files on demand is there, to free up local space while still maintaining the possibility to browse all files! Also you can exclude syncing folders, but that is more an end user choice!
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Is FilesOnDemand support  restricting how much (e.g. 1 GB or Last 3 months?) data from OneDrive can be synchronized with laptop ?



No, no such limitations exist! The Idea with files on demand is that you can sync ALL the metadata ( except selected folders) for search and visibility , then sync the whole file if needed


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Thanks for reply.


I explored and implemented Files-On-Demand, it seems this will serve our purpose only some kind of user-training required or some kind of SOP needs to be prepared on Files-On-Deamand.


Is there any user guide available on Microsoft where step-by-step instruction mentioned with its pros-cons.



Please have a look at Microsoft Onedrive Help center: