How to force KFM start when silent move is not working?

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Hello,  We are actively pushing OneDrive with KFM to our 35000 users globally. Since the OneNote support has been added, the roll-out goes smoothly with one exception. We are seeing, that for some users who has the latest OD version, GPO settings applied, OneDrive activated, the KFM does not start automatically although this is set. I believe KFM checks every 7 days if it OK to go and should try again but it does not i.e. it requires a manual button push. I tried to lower the time in the reg to force it but see no difference. So my question is: is there a way to force the KFM start remotely? Thank you

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I am facing similar issues where its not starting for some users

Q1. Where did you read about KFM checking every 7 days? is there a link or evidence you can provide please.

Q2. Did you get to the bottom of why it was not working for some users




Hi, @Brad Hayes 


Q1: check this link:

nextmigrationscan is the key holding the time when KFM should do the scan again, is should decrease everyday.

Q2: I have nothing from MS and KFM is on hold due to the COVID-19 so no fix yet.