How to automatically move folders and files to OneDrive

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I want to be able to automatically sync to OneDrive other folders besides Desktop, Pictures, and Documents. For instance, I want to also sync my Videos folders and files. I have already added my Videos folders and files via the SharePoint OneDrive browser window and use the Sync function. But new files and folders I add to my local drive are not automatically synced. How do I do that? It worked initially but when I add another file or folder to my local Videos folder, the new files/folders don't sync to OneDrive. What am I missing?


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You need to move your Video folder into OneDrive manually. OneDrive doesn't touch anything that isn't inside its main folder.
Hi MikeWWW. I did that and the folders synced properly. But after that I opened new folders and files on my system but they did not appear in OneDrive. I was hoping that new files and folders added under a folder already being synced to OneDrive on my drive would be automatically synced but they are not. I was hoping that my Videos folder would sync automatically like Desktop, Documents and Pictures, but it does not.
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Mike, I found out how to do what I want to do. Here are the steps:

You will have to add that folder manually in Onedrive in File Explorer.
1 - Windows key, hold it and press r
2 - Paste following into Run and Enter %userprofile%
3 - Now, here you will find Videos folder. Drag this folder to Onedrive folder.