How can see my data on my mobile phone?

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Hello everyone,
I got an Office-Account from my University and I want to use One Drive for Business. I can upload data to the OneDrive from my Computer but cannot see them on my mobile phone in the OneDrive-App. There is just "Shared Librarys" and it says that i dont have any librarys. How can I just see the Data I synched with OneDrive on my Computer on my mobile device?

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I've the same problem here. Users with correct licences (here sharepoint online plan1, teams, exchange online etc. from a office365 business basic).

i can access the sharepoint sites and follow them. Then i see the sites also in oneDrive online, as libraries.

But on any mobile device, i don't see anything under libraries. also i cannot search for a library, which i just visited online...crazy...


some users one android apps don't see the library icon in onedrive-app.

and if i install sharepoint app, theres a message "your administrator has to give you a sharepoint licence". But the users already has one and can visite all the sharepoint sites online


i tried to unselect all licences and then reselect them. nothing happens.


i cannot see my libraries on OneDrive mobile, iOS and Android. With other users, it works....

Hey @tomgraf,
don´t know how and why, but suddenly it worked for me...
I allowed synching pictures from my mobile-device into my one-drive (for business) cloud couple days ago and just today (!) it started saving my pictures there. Now i also can see the Data in my Cloud which I put on from my Computer... 
Maybe it´ll work for you too, i don´t know...
good luck :)