How Can I disable find shared folders faster popup?

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Here is a screenshot of this annoying **bleep** thing. It hovers over the documents when I open something like library>documents. Really annoying! I am on a mac but am using sharepoint onedrive online. 

 image (5).png

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@captainvic I'm also looking for this answer.  I get the notification every single time I select a folder or anything from the "Shared" part of OneDrive.


I get it, I can sync it with my computer.  I don't want to.  100% do not want.  Spotty internet connection means files OFTEN fail to sync and cause issues when synced between multiple locations.  I don't want it.  I really really really really don't want it.


There's a wonderful X in the corner, but it only closes it once.  Next time I load the page?  Guess what, notification again.  I've already closed it dozens of times and I still fight with it every time.


Can there PLEASE be some solution that I can say "Got it, please never every notify me of this again!" or is it just going to be Microsoft shoving yet another thing I don't want down my throat?