Files on demand and Windows 1809


Not sure what changed, but using files on demand seems to be a major annoyance now. New machine, fresh install of Windows 1809. I setup OneDrive, it automatically adds all folders, but I'm fine with it as I know it will not take up any space. Some time later, I go to my picture library and notice all the files there have been downloaded locally. Great, I guess some background process triggered this, and I missed the notification. No big deal, I will just "Free up space" and fix this.


Here's where the fun starts. OneDrive thinks for a while, then it starts *downloading* all the files again. No notification, no nothing. It shows "Runtime broker" for the process triggering this, which is not even remotely helpful. So what do I do? I decide to go and simply exclude some of those folders from OneDrive Settings. Yet, because the sync is currently running, every time I press the OK button to confirm the changes, I get an error message. Fine, I guess I have to pause syncing first. Well guess what? Now I cannot even open the settings menu.


So I'm unable to change the settings if I stop sync, and in order to get rid of several GB of files I don't want on my PC I have to wait for OneDrive to download those same files I'm trying to get rid of? Is this supposed to be some kind of a joke? :)


While trying to troubleshoot all this, the files on my desktop went several times from "Available when Online" to "Available on this device" and back and forth. There were also issues getting to the folder properties dialog, as the constant refreshing caused by the sync process doesn't agree well with Windows Explorer it seems.


Oh, and the indexing issue is still here,

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Can't say I've had these problems with 1809 and my OneDrive. Your machine sounds possessed :p

Well, not so bad...Vasil is having a lot of fun ^-^

Well for one, I can reproduce the "settings unavailable when syncing is paused" issue on another machine, so it's not just me. And this looks like a major oversight to me.

Yesterday morning one of team member talked about this issue I thought he is making it up :) I did a huge project repository was downloaded to his machine and his machine is crashing frequently. I didn't know its because of the Win 10 -1890 update though. Hope you are doing ok.


@Vasil Michev I'm facing the exact same issue. Did you manage to fix it?