'Files' link in left navigation returns blank page after visiting shared folder

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I have a customer who is making the transition from Box to OneDrive for Business and we're noticing strange activity. When a user clicks into a folder that has been shared with them, the 'Files' link in the left hand navigation returns a blank page when clicked on rather than returning to the user's files. This is the first I'm seeing this - is this expected behavior?

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This is totally unexpected. Is it happening with different browsers? If that's the case, I recommend you to open a support ticket.

This is correct behavior, I think they should check into redesigning that, but if you click into a Shared folder you will see the name changes above the "Files" link. You are basically visiting that persons OneDrive. clicking files it's blank because they are not sharing anything at their root files folders. 


You basically have to click back on your browser to go back, or click OneDrive in your app launcher to get back to your file list. Maybe there should be a link that says "Back to my OneDrive" above their name or something of that nature. 


@Stephen Rice some UI feedback when accessing Shared folders of another OneDrive user. 

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Hi all,


@Deleted is correct. If you are visiting someone else's OneDrive, the "Files" link on the left nav is basically a way of looking at the root of that user's OneDrive. You will see everything you have access to, but that's it. I'll definitely pass this along to the team though. Thanks!

Stephen Rice

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Makes total sense - agree that it would be nice to have something more intuitive for folks to get back to their own files.

Thanks for the reply Juan. Looks like it is expected, albeit confusing, behavior.