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It's difficult to know exactly where best to post this question as the answer most likely spans a number of MS technology functions.


We are a small charity and want to create a shared cloud file directory. We have looked at Sharepoint document library and would prefer not to use it for this purpose as we do not have the capacity to teach and enforce document management concepts (we feel its better for project style collaboration but ... perhaps we may missing something here?). Instead, we feel, people will come to the organization with basic mental models that tend towards a shared hierarchical folder structure. Ideally the implementation of such a structure would support access control / permissions set via groups. A shared OneDrive seems ideal but OneDrive is anchored to an individual account. Or a shared Azure file (although this seems a somewhat expensive option).


A little bit of context: folder depth is likely not more than four; 50 users in total; storing MS documents; very high turnover of staff with people staying in roles for about 1 year only.


Architecturally, what is the best way to get a 1TB shared cloud based file system established with MS services?


Thanks very much for your consideration and responses.

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You should utilize SharePoint, it's pretty much the same as OneDrive, and if you have 50 users, you have 1.5TB of space to utilize. This way it's easier to manage, you get access to the SharePoint app, and you can create a Landing page etc. OneDrive is meant to service individuals although people do try circumventing the storage limits by sharing from their OneDrives.
Totally agree...if your users are used to work with ODFB, then they are also used to work with SPO. User experience is exactly the same and the main difference is that SharePoint is inteded to provide the solution for scenarios such as the one described where is a group of people that needs to callaborate with files in a shared environment

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thanks for the note. Actually, the users are used to Google Drive where they have a personal and shared drive. The shared drive is built around a folder structure.

I do appreciate you taking the time, thank you.

@Chris WebbThanks for responding, much appreciated.


I now understand the push is towards OneDrive for personal and Sharepoint for sharing. Thanks