File Explorer slow in Onedrive Folders

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Hi all

I'm using the latest version of Onedrive together with an updated Windows 11 and FSLogix (latest version) with Office profile disks.

When using the file explorer to open folders from onedrive folders in the middle pane, it takes 10-20 seconds till the next window opens.

When navigating in the same file explorer window but with the left treeview, everything is fast.

When opening a file from within Word, Excel, ... with the popup file explorer, everything is fast.

So the issue is only when clicking in the main window of a file explorer.

I've done already all the updates, sfc, dism, reinstalled Onedrive, ...

The issue is with all users.

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I am also experiencing this issue!


Did you find a solution? I think it is a onedrive/windows11 issue. I did a reinstall in Windows 11, same issue. Did exactly the same in Windows 10 everything is very smooth!

@sddt5 No, I haven't found a solution.  But I think you are right! I think this happened around the time I updated my Windows to 11.

Try unlinking OneDrive then restarting the computer and then reconnect OneDrive to your account.
Are you using iCloud?
Yes. I’m not sure what’s causing the periodic issue. It could possibly be System Mechanic. The unlinking of One Drive then rebooting the computer removes the problem (until it happens again)