Feature request: Option to disable the green check mark on desktop icons

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This is a copy of https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/idea/c6ed0cc0-7957-ed11-a81b-000d3a7e4185 (I wrote that post first, but now I found this forum, which is more appropriate I think, since I'm using OneDrive for Business)

My employer ship Win11 with OneDrive pre-configured to backup my Desktop (and more) to OneDrive.
For performance, and if I'm offline, I've selected that all files and folders I keep on the Desktop should always be available on my device.
Now my desktop looks like crap!
Every icon now has an annoying little green dot on them.

This sync status information on the icons is not important to me.
In fact, it just bothers me.
I already know all of the files/folders are always available on my machine. I don't need/want this visual reminder.
I'm requesting a new option in the OneDrive settings, where I can configure OneDrive to not add the green check mark (nor the white cloud) to icons.
For example, you could add:
    (*) Show the current sync status as a small badge on top of the icon
    ( ) Do not show the sync status as a badge on the icon
    ( ) Do not show the green badge on icons for always available files

The first option is how it works today.
In the second option, the user would like to opt out entirely from having OneDrive status-badges on top of icons. That is, completely stop OneDrive from messing with the icons.
In the third option, only green badges are "muted", the rest work as normal. That is, files that don't have the always-available-on-device-attribute, will show the white little cloud badge, etc. But for files that are always-available, no green dot is added.
PS: I'm only annoyed by the ugly badges on top of my icons. When I browse my files/folders in Explorer, then I'm totally fine with the Status column, indicating the sync status as per usual. This column should remain as-is.
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