External Sharing only with Verifiction Code


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i have the following question sharing Documents with external. Is it possible to change the Onedrive configuration that when i share a document with external that they get everytime a Verifiaction Code ?

I don't want that the external, when they have an O365 Teanat, create a guest Account in my teanent. 


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Hi, that is how it works, creating a guest user when the verification code is used for the first time by a different Office 365 tenant user, for other email types not related to Azure AD, they will use the code each time: 


"When users share files or folders, recipients will be asked to enter a verification code if they have:


  • A work or school account in Azure AD from another organization
  • An email address that isn't a Microsoft account or a work or school account in Azure AD


If the recipient has a work or school account, they only need to enter the code the first time. Then they will be added as a guest and can sign in with their organization's user name and password. If the recipient doesn't have a work or school account, they need to use a code each time they access the file or folder, and they are not added to your directory."