Excel XLSB files and one drive sync

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So we are looking at moving a department who heavily use spreadsheets to Teams / Sharepoint and encouraging them to sync files via the onedrive sync.
They have a mix of xlsx and xlsb. For the large excel files they have converted a majority of these from xlsx to xlsb (i.e. binary files) to reduce size and opening times
The files can range from anywhere 1 to 500mb!
I have a few questions regarding xslbs, user experience and demand on the network

1) What are peoples experience of using xslb files in a sync'd environment with O3656 Sharepoint / Teams
2) As i understand it when you make a change to a standard xlsx file (or any ms office files) that is sync'd locally it would just send back that part of the file you changed since last save (e.g.as a small xml section/element) however with an xslb does it send the entrie documnet back? i.e. 1 change to a 100mb file would send 100mb back?
3) How does autosave work with xslbs again does it try and send the full file size back on save?

4) Any issues with co -authoring and xlsbs?


i tried to find some actual official guidance on this so if anyone has any please share. Or just hands on experience / knowledge.
I am aware of large excel files not being able to open in web view, macro issues, linked spreadsheets my questions are more specific around xslbs!


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