Error with hyperlinks in Excel files moved to OneDrive

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Hi Community,
Listen, I have a question:
We have been working on enabling OneDrive for all our users worldwide and also users are synchronizing their \Documents\ folder  with OneDrive
Some of the users already had large Excel files with Hyperlinks between a source Excel file and a target Excel file. Sometime multiple Sources files.
The situation we are seeing is that now that the files are in OneDrive their hyperlinks are no longer working or updating to the new routes.
They have tried to update the links inside the files, but they get some errors, one of them for example is: "The linked file was unavailable and can't be updated"
Is OneDrive designed to handle Excel files with hyperlinks? Or is there any special configuration that must be made in OneDrive or in the files themselves?
Please advise!
Thanks a lot.
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