Effects of changing the Organization name

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Hello. Our organization name is set up with a comma right now. I believe this drives the local OneDrive directory name (OneDrive - Name, Inc). If we edit the name to display without the comma, what would the effects be? Would the local drive recognize that change has been made? Or will it create a brand new directory? Thank you!

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@Stephen Rice or anyone ... has anyone had any joy with this?
We changed the organisation name from "long organisation name" to "organisation".
Microsoft told us it could take up to 48 hours to promulgate but it did not.
Still when we sync OneDrive, even on a new user, it shows the old, long name.

I need to shorten pats to do the following:
From C:\Users\user\long organisation name\Team Name - Documents\General\Channel Name
to C:\ABC\organisation\Team Name - Channel Name

Team Name - Channel Name will be easy by syncing each Channel, but it is all the rest that is causing grief right now.
For us, the propagation required about 3 days before it was recognized by Outlook clients. It most certainly is not immediate.

Previously i've changed this for a client and within a few hours was able to 'unlink' and re-sync a sharepoint folder and the new short-name was used. I've just tried it on my own sharepoint this weekend and it has been 48 hours, still won't use the new short name.


 I'll wait another day or two...maybe it will take longer :(



How long did this end up taking? I modified the org name yesterday and still nothing :(

@azfititguy  it took a ticket to Microsoft and some weeks for one client - an absolute nightmare.  


For another, it happened after about 4 days or so - some got it quicker than that.  

@coolhive, Had the same thing happen to me after an org change a few weeks back where I did it on a Friday and it wasn't until the Monday early morning where the new org name change had taken effect and then OneDrive synced with the new org name.


Suspect it may be a transitional thing with Microsoft with the amount of time it takes, as I just did one a few days back, still awaiting for the changes to happen!

@UncleJerem  I'm about to change the Org Name in the Office 365 Admin Portal. Did you experience any issues with the OD synch clients after doing so? I'm afraid it will cause the OD to stop synching with their OD and SharPoint sites. I'm not very concerned about the new name not taking effect on old clients as long as they keep synching. (even with the old company name)


Should I consider anything else before making the change? 


I've changed this for a few org's and haven't had any issue. If the users don't sign-out and reconfigure onedrive they continue to use the old file path / name without issue.

@RodoMCP, you'll be fine when it comes to any existing OneDrive syncs as they will continue to sync.


It will only be for any new devices that the OneDrive sync is conducted on where you will see the new org name change take effect.


Also in order for any existing OneDrive sync to reflect the new org name, the OneDrive syncs will need to be stopped and unsynced as well as signed out of the OneDrive sync app as if starting fresh again.

@UncleJerem same issue here.  changed a clients org name on friday.  Its monday now and the OD4B clients still aren't picking up the name change.  

@kelvandy and @Lpkkicpa, I can confirm that I to, tried every registry edit (service shutdown), explorer kill trick there is (and invented some new ones), including having to edit security zone keys and values (twice the headache). That could work for ONE boot instance, and only within Explorer. (Within a cmd.exe prompt, it did NOT really rename the file.) And on the next reboot, the "hot" security key is disliked by OneDrive's server services, and new connectors registry keys are generated, and the OLD-NAME comes back. Also, from fighting this, I can say I have an unwanted understanding of how the product functions- and fixing this is hard. Because clients can be "off" when the change is made, and MS would have to create a "name" sync mechanism to change the name, before then running its standard sync stuff, which in 5 years they have not done. But I can also attest that even UNSNYCING and UNLINKING all clients does not fix the problem. It appears you must actually delete the online account, and then recreate it. (which means all file sharing and associations have to be recreated, with new PIN authentication, the works.) I did not do that, but I did everything short of it. (If account deletion does not work, then nothing works.) Account deletion is in my opinion not a real solution. (If you had more than a few "OLD" users (like 2 of them), its unworkable. If you have a real organization change, and the name really NEEDS to change, Microsoft does not appear to be providing a solution of any kind. In 5 years. (This is a 2017 issue, and its 2022 now guys.) Where is the BEEF? Fire the product manager. Fire him or her, and get someone that understands priorities to run that program. Maybe take them out back first, before you fire them.


It appears to be a Registry Key where the display name is stored.


The Key used is "DisplayName" 

What will show in OneDrive is  "OneDrive - <<DisplayName>>"


Path and other variables are also listed, but I wanted only to change the displayname.


This changes so far only the displayname in the task notifications. In Explorer you still see the old name. Unlinking and relinking the account restores the cached old orgname. :( 


I will be investigating this a bit further. 


Hello @KailashNteam,
did you found out any found out anything regarding renaming the org name for OneDrive within the file explorer?
All described workarounds in this thread seem not to work properly and are limited to active end user involvement.
How can we ensure, that the org name is updated at large scale across an entire organization with thousands of users and devices?


@Gottfried Jocham We found that only NEW OneDrive for Business "setups" were able to see the recently changed ORG name.  We never found a way to have existing OD4B clients see the new name.  

@jack_stars17 too bad that did not work. I didn't expect this to be so difficult to implement


hi all, 


Did anyone who uses sharepoint automap GPOs notice that everyone had to re-sync after changing org name ?

I dont care if current syncs dont show new org name, i just dont want the syncs to re-do or break