Edit a text file saved in OneDrive on Android options?

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Seeking advisement on if there are any features or workarounds known within the community to edit text files saved in OneDrive on an Android Oreo or above device?

Does MS Word on Android support edit of text files or rtf files saved in Onedrive?
Does the OneDrive Android app permit open of txt files? When I click a txt file the action results in open in my associated text editor QuickEdit, I then edit, save and then upload the txt file to OneDrive with overwrite of the original text file.

is this currently the only way to edit txt files stored on OneDrive ; via a 3rd party editor?
Please advise of any workarounds or if there are any built in txt edit features within MS Android apps (e.g MS Word)
Thank You
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Of our Word can edit text files but you just need an Android text editor: https://wethegeek.com/check-out-these-great-android-text-editors-now/

This is not a "work around". It's not OneDrive's function to edit any sort of file on any platform.