Drag and Drop Feature & Limitation

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Hi all,

We use Shared OneDrive folders in our office and have found that we cannot drag and drop a document between the shared onedrive folder and SharePoint.

So the scenario is for more information:

I have a onedrive folder which I have shared with another employee who has to upload all the documents stored in it to sharepoint.  

When the other employee tries to drag it from their view of folder (shared folder view) to SharePoint for upload it does not go across.

We have been doing a workaround:

Employee has their own OneDrive folder of say "Upload" and they must drag and drop the documnts from the shared onedrive folder (say "SP Upload") to this folder.

The employee can then upload to sharepoint by drag and drop from their folder "Upload".


Quite messy.

Can anyone think of another way?

We use extensive libraries so when we try to use the MOVE TO function it will not work.  


Cheers in advance.

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