Discrepancy with storage records on OneDrive. We calculate 176G OneDrive sees over 5 T for one user

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OneDrive says we are using over 5t we only see 176G of files.  We've no way to reconcile this

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It would handy to know exactly where in the user interface you are seeing these different figures!

@Mike Williams 


From: Microsoft OneDrive <email@mail.onedrive.com>
Sent: May 4, 2022 8:03 PM
To: wylieronald@rogers.com
Subject: You’ll soon lose access to your OneDrive files








You’re over your OneDrive storage limit and you will soon lose access to your files

Your personal account is 145 GB over your storage limit of 5 GB and will be frozen on or after May 12, 2022. Your files are still there. However, while you’re over your limit, you won't be able to add new files to your OneDrive and changes made to existing files won’t sync across devices.

To keep using OneDrive, you can upgrade your storage or remove files you don’t need.




We understand that with Office 365 we get a 1T not 5G cloud storage.  For some reason we are pinned at 5G yet the properties of this drive show well below that. 




I'm not sure how to reach someone to sort this out.  I've just returned from vacation and tomorrow they lock the account.


That was almost unreadable, but if you're worried about lockout then contact Microsoft support in your country immediately. Random people on newsgroups can't assist with your account issues.

@Mike Williams With the help of Microsoft support we resolved it. I had not ever thought of this group as random people, more like expert users and helpful souls... :) Thanks for the chat.

If you need your Microsoft account access fixed (especially in a hurry) then firing off requests to user groups is indeed an unfocused chat with random people. Unfortunately too many people assume that user groups ARE Microsoft.