Disaster Recovery options for Sharepoint online and OneDrive for Business in Office 365

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I have several customers that are using Sharepoint online shared document libraries somewhat like a file server shared folder.  Some have the sharepoint folder mapped to thier windows pc as a mapped drive so they can browse files like it was a network share.


For the most part this works well, but I have concerns


#1 concern is....What happens if a user gets infected with a ransomeware encryption virus?  I assume that windows would see the mapped drive and encrypt everything in the shairpoint library??


Is there a good way to back this data up that includes versioning and monthly quarterly and or yearly archives like i could in a trational file server environment?  If so how do I do it and what do I use.


Right now the only option i can comeone wiht is to use the new onedrive sync to sync all the data back to a local pc and then backup up that pc with tools that provide this kind of functionality.


Anyone have ideas?

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  1. If you are really concerned by ransomware you should forbid mapped drives and local sync.
  2. Anyway, you should backup (using a third party tool).
  3. There is also versioning that could help you, but it is cumbersome to restore thousands of files from their previous versions (also if you use scripts), and moreover some ransomware is known to encrypt repeatedly all files, pushing out clean versions.
  4. Finally you can ask Microsoft to restore their backup. Give a look to http://www.jasperoosterveld.com/2016/08/sharepoint-online-backup-restore/
For a backup and recovery solution in SPO and ODFB just go for third party tools...Microsoft's backup option is not useful

Am I correct that if for some reasons, OneDrive files are corrpted (ransomwere)  We can request Microsoft to restore the OneDrive Site Collection for a particular user with 14 days?




Thanks I saw this before but it is talking specifically about Sharepoint site collection. Is this applies to OneDrive considering each user OneDrive is a site collection?

During the Ignite there was an announchement that users can restore their OneDrive. For example after a Ransomware attack. By the end of this year it is available.Onedrive restore.PNG



I read your 2017 post MS conference reply regarding MS Sharepoint and OneDrive back up protocol and was curious if this process has been made easier since then? Thank you! 

If you are referring to the feature of onedrive restore, this is available a while back! Sharepoint restore not yet!