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I am in the process of rolling out SharePoint Online and OneDrive for our organization. I do not want end users to have the ability to create new SharePoint sites. I have disabled this within the SharePoint admin console, however users can still create Shared Libraries from their OneDrive accounts which in turn creates a new SharePoint site. My question is, as an Administrator is there the ability to disable this button from appearing on peoples OneDrive accounts?



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Try to disable site creation in the SPO Admin Center and you should be done

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


I believe I already have that disabled. See the settings and screenshot below. I cannot seem to find an option that says "Disable site creation" but only "Hide the Create site Command"


Site Pages - Prevent Users from creating Site Pages

Site Creation - Hide the Create site Command

Subsite Creation - Hide the Subsite command for all sites





@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Also under the "Site Creation" settings in the new admin console, the "Let users create new sites" option is set to Off



@piselloa hi, you need to look at managing O365 Groups. Who can create them, any naming and expiry policies, and how making changes to them impacts the other apps that use O365 Groups - which is many. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/admin/create-groups/office-365-groups?view=o365-worldwide 

@DazzaR Are you saying then to disable the ability to create shared libraries from OneDrive, we need to restrict the ability to create groups?  We already prevent group creation in Outlook, but this seems to be a workaround for restricting SharePoint Online team site creation.  


It's not that we want to prevent use of SPO forever, but we don't yet have the policies, expiry, governance, etc.  in place to manage those sites yet and we're seeing users starting to leverage the tool before we can support it.

Hi @Will Nuzum,


How do you prevent Group creation from Outlook and OneDrive only ? I do not want to restrict users from creating Groups from Teams, Yammer etc, but from Outlook and OneDrive (Create a Shared Library). Can you please help ?




Is there any solution to this. no one wants to restrict people ot create teams and group from teams. But we dont want users to create sharepoint sites from One Drive?? Any help