Custom max size file limit?

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I wonder if there is a way to set a max size limit per file in OneDrive for business? I know that there is OOB limit that is 10gb per file if I am right, I want to change that limit to 1gb per file.

Is it possible? how? 


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First up the current file size limit is 15 gb

Second: Afaik there no way to do this!
May I ask what the purpose is?

There is no way to set max size limit for both ODFB and SPO. The max. size is 15 GB and this is a value set by Microsoft

It is just the customer who wants to avoid user from synking large files as media or .cad format. 

I know that I can exclude filetypes from the OneDrive Admin page and I can use that to exclude .mpeg, .cad, etc. extensions. 

I just was wondering if there was another way to restrict large files. 


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AFAIK, no! This is set by MS and there is no option to change this, currently! You could set upload speed via UI and gpo which will restrict the bandwidth used as a way if this is the issue though